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Welcome to the Anna Ryan Expressive Arts shop. Mixed media abstract paintings available in both high quality fine art prints and original paintings. Whimsical, playful, and energetic artwork for children and adults. Studio located at Northbay ArtWorks in Novato, CA, in Marin County.

Math Class Daydream

Math Class Daydream

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Math Class Daydream is an original mixed media painting on a birch veneer, wooden panel that is .25 inches deep. This is the first painting in a triptych, exploring the relationship between numbers, geometric forms, and the natural world. The dream-like quality portrays the wonder and "unknown" qualities of nature, while the numbers and shapes portray the mathematics in nature. The combination of the two creates a dream-like quality. Math Class Daydream is 12 x 12 inches, the sides of the painting are wooden, and it is ready to be framed.

Shipping cost is included at check out. You may also select to pick up your painting at my studio, free of charge. Paintings ship out of Novato, CA. You may expect your painting to ship within 10 days of your purchase date. If you are international, please message me for shipping estimates.

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