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Welcome to Anna Ryan Expressive Arts. Offering art education with group, private, and semi-private art classes for children and adults. Studio located at Northbay ArtWorks in Novato, CA, Marin County.

Kid Art Adventure: Sketchbook (Private)

Kid Art Adventure: Sketchbook (Private)

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Join me in the studio to face the blank pages of your sketchbook together! Through personalized writing and artistic prompts, we will fill the pages with color, free-flowing words, and your deeply embedded artistic gifts. We will write, collage and scribble, patiently inviting your creative muse to come out to play. And once she or he is out, projects will expand to different mediums outside of the sketchbook. This is a perfect starting point for individuals feeling a creative pull and looking for an entry point into their creative process. 

To schedule your private Art Adventure Contact Anna Ryan.

Age: 10+
Details: Each private class is one hour or 1.5 hours long. 

WOULD A FRIEND LIKE TO JOIN? Register for a semi-private Kid Art Adventure: Creative Awakening today! Contact Anna for scheduling. 

Location: Northbay ArtWorks, 7049 Redwood Blvd., Ste 208, Novato, CA 94945

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Art Adventures is an ongoing series of private and semi-private classes that allow students to dive deeper and receive extra focused attention. Stay tuned for new and upcoming private and semi-private classes being added to the Art Adventures series.

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